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“Marketing Your Wine to Millennial Drinkers May Require a New Approach”
By iQ-dio Interactive Labels

The Wine Industry Advisor recently collected stats on millennial wine drinkers and shoppers and arrived at some interesting conclusions about this growing market segment. They note that “Millennials are the first digital generation, and their technological fluency shapes their buying decisions”. This means that in general they have grown accustomed to instant information via online technology and use online sources while shopping to help make buying decisions. Since younger wine shoppers are seeking more information about wine and are ready and able to use a mobile device to learn more about your wine brand, iQ-dio offers a win-win solution for both the end customer and brand managers.

“5 Main Ways that Shoppers Use Their Mobile Phones”
By iQ-dio Interactive Labels

In a recent eCommerce study, shoppers use their devices in 5 distinct ways:

1. They check prices

2. They look for promos

3. They look for product info

4. They don’t want your app

5. They spend more time

Most important and obvious is the need to look up more product info rather than limit them to only the content that fits on the packaging.

“Millennials Shop for Wine Much Differently Than Elders Do”
By iQ-dio Interactive Labels

Thomas Atkin and Liz Thach of Wine Economics and Policy share their findings of how Millennials perceive the risk of making a bad choice when shopping for wine and how they gain information to make their choice. It is important to note that “Elders” are more comfortable with just asking someone in the store about a wine and/or using just the packaging alone to make a choice. While Millennials are far less likely to ask someone in the store and instead rely on reading and obtaining more online information to help with their choice. This extensive study done in 2012 points to the increasing need to provide younger wine shoppers and drinkers with an improved method to gain information and advice to aid a wine purchase.

“80% of Millennials Want Brands to Entertain Them”

A great slideshow highlighting the buying behaviors and traits of this expanding wine demographic. Wine labels enabled with iQ-dio provide a fresh platform to both inform and entertain shoppers and buyers!

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