All plans include a 3 Month free trial

  • 1-2 Brands
  • $49
    per month
  • Plus initial Setup Fee of $75
  • 3-5 Brands
  • $59
    per month
  • Plus initial Setup Fee of $150
  • 6-10 Brands
  • $69
    per month
  • Plus initial Setup Fee of $300

what’s included

Setup of up to 10 Landing Pages for each Varietal of Each Wine Brand

Includes One QR code and link is generated to display varietal specific graphics and content to the user. Content options include: 1 Audio Message Recording, 1 Video Recording, Up to 5 Notes or Information Fields, 1 Description Field, 1 Winery Map or Location information Field, Up to 10 winery or Brand Photos, 1 UPC Based Coupon, Up to 3 General Questions or Survey Question Fields, 1 Email Input Field, 1 Brand Logo, 1 Social Media Link Field, 1 eCommerce Link or Online Store Field

Placement and Arrangement of up to 10 iQ-dio Logo Frames on Each Wine Label

Includes placement of iQ-dio logo frame, QR Codes, and surrounding text within the ink printed portion of the back wine label.

Final Editing and Audio Mixing of the Winemaker or other Brand Representative in the form of an MP3 Prerecorded Audio Message

Editing and mixing includes trimming of the recording, royalty free background music and ducking. Final audio message includes up to 5 photos

24/7 login access to Your Wine Brand’s own iQ-dio Dashboard and Designer View.

Includes private login with ability to make changes to content or add content at any time. Changes can be made using the systems drag and drop windows and published at any time.

Setup of Each Wine Brand Within the iQ-dio Dashboard

Includes wine brand template consisting of a main image, a header, a footer, SKU number, and brand description.

Scan Analytics Showing Day, Time and Physical Location
of Each Scan

Includes real-time feedback of where and when your brand is being viewed via the iQ-dio Dashboard